16 Wedding-Worthy Manicures

Ahh, weddings. There are few things on the planet that make us chicks gush like a good wedding does.The planning, the shopping, the organizing: we love it all.It can become a bit much, though, and little things can easily be forgotten about. Things like

Reasons Why Not To Wear Bra While Sleeping?

This is one of never ending debates among women and it seems like it never going to end. So should we wear a bra or not? The opinions are separated; most of the women avoid wearing because of the “constricted” feeling and from the

3 Powerful Remedies for Hair Growth

In case you are experiencing hair loss that is out of the ordinary you can still improve your condition by practicing these home remedies. Onion Juice Hair growth was a topic that was interesting to people even in ancient times. They have used onion

How Does The Toilet Bowl Destroy Your Health?

All the people from around the world used to perform their physiological needs in a natural way, meaning in the common squatting position for thousands of years. Constipation, hemorrhoids, intestinal cancer or Crohn`s disease were unfamiliar to them. However, modern technology introduced new way